We integrate hardware and software together to produce high quality systems. Production Systems provides engineering and system integration to large and small companies throughout the world. In addition to the mechanical design aspects, we perform electrical, software, and system design, incorporating data acquisition, machine vision, and motion control to meet the particular needs of all our customers. Interfacing sensors and actuators with hardware to create automated systems is our specialty. We do outstanding professional work and we're not too big to give you personal care.


Software Design

Production Systems provides custom software for a wide range of applications, including data acquisition, machine vision, motion control, and operator/user interfaces. We design our applications according to your needs, incorporating multi-processing techniques to integrate fast, reliable systems. Our platforms range from PC's to PLC's to micro-controllers, and combinations thereof, depending on the needs of a particular application.


Data Acquisition

Our design team creates data acquisition systems with both custom and packaged software and hardware. Our databases can be customized to your needs in everything from text format to Microsoft database format with program platforms of C, C++, Visual C++, and Visual Basic. We can also integrate data acquisition hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers. With our ability to incorporate sensors and actuators with analog measurement and signal conditioning, we can provide complete systems with integrated logging and analysis.


Machine Vision

We provide a wide range of machine vision techniques for a large variety of machine vision applications. We incorporate vision systems for automated inspection and process monitoring to provide systems that can check for proper assembly of parts, check for defective parts, count parts, and many other applications. Vision systems can also be the primary focus of an application for touchless measurement of part size and alignment, and quality inspection. Our team is experienced with designing the proper cameras, lensing, lighting, and fixtures for any vision application.


Motion Control

We use motion control for positioning of parts for assembly, automated handling on assembly lines, or sensor and part positioning for measurement applications. Whether it's micro-inch measurements or high-speed sorting, Production Systems has the capability and experience to handle your job.