About Us

For the past 20 years, Production Systems has lead the way with our unique design approach to our customers' product assembly equipment needs. We specialize in the custom design and build of large scale, high speed CAM driven and indexing style automated assembly machinery. Our highly innovative team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers begin each project with a solid, logical design concept. We spend the additional time up front, during the design phase, to insure we get it right the first time. Our impressive track record of minimal rework plays a big part in meeting that most important promised delivery date. We are big believers in proof of concept prototyping long before our designs are approved. Our Engineering team works closely throughout the life of each project with our in-house machine and assembly shop to insure a consistent successful outcome. Production Systems' highly valued repeat customers stand as a testimony to the pride and attention to detail we put into each and every piece of production equipment we deliver. Our accurate, up-front quoting process eliminates cost overruns. Our on time custom designed production machinery success rate is beyond comparison. Whether your product assembly requires a (700) part per minute indexing or a 400 part per minute (12) component high speed continuous motion assembly equipment, we have the in-house design/build expertise to successfully achieve the goal. We will always provide our customers with the most direct, cost effective solution to their production equipment needs. A high level of fit and finish is achieved through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The end result is maximum reliability and simplified maintenance. Downtime is minimized. Our objectives are to cut your production time and provide outstanding product quality and value. This is achieved by utilizing the most advanced machine design and project management techniques and tools in the industry.


Our Mission

In today's competitive industrial environment, the high speed, automatic manufacture of sophisticated components demands advanced, trouble-free assembly systems that produce reliably, assembly after assembly. Our team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, as well as Machinists and Assembly Technicians, are specialists and they are committed to customer satisfaction! A successful assembly machinery project requires a close working relationship between customer and machine builder. Our strong track record of consistent performance has helped us build an impressive list of long term customers. Production Systems is their number one choice for quality and reliability.